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Date(s) - 02/05/2018
5:15 pm - 6:00 pm

Uni Engehalde, E8-002

Time to market is becoming more and more critical as companies need to deliver business value faster and better. In order to meet this requirement, agility and automation are being introduced in the software development lifecycle and operations — commonly known as DevOps. This comes at a price: not only organizational challenges are huge, but also architectural and process changes have a great impact on the overall enterprise IT. And what about security? How can we address security aspects when dealing with increasing automation in the SDL and highly distributed architectures? The answer might be DevSecOps. In this talk, we explain what DevSecOps is and focus on various security challenges in an agile software development and operations context. Finally we show different approaches to tackle these challenges.
Speaker 1: Christian Sanabria
Christian Sanabria works as Principal Architect at ipt. Starting in development and design of JEE Applications, continuing to solution and integration architectures in complex enterprise systems, he now has almost 20 years of experience in all aspects of software engineering and architecture. At ipt Christian is mostly working in Integration, API Security and Management as well as Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Additionally, he is responsible for the Red Hat Partner Management at ipt.
Speaker 2: Jacek Jonczy
Jacek Jonczy is Principal Consultant at innovation process technology AG. He has many years experience in the area of enterprise security and design of security architectures. He has been building integration and api management platforms, and he is experienced in architecting and building identity and access management solutions. Jacek’s sweet spots are cyber security and IAM. His interests extend also to security aspects in the areas cloud, containers, DevOps, and IoT.
The talk will be followed by an apéritif sponsored by CHOOSE.
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